Workstreams and Cross Cutting Themes

The South of England Mental Health Quality and Patient Safety Improvement Collaborative focuses improvement in four key workstreams: medication, physical health, safe & reliable care and leadership. The four workstreams focus on identification, development, sustainability and spread of innovation, and high reliable processes in each topic. In addition, the Collaborative has two cross cutting themes:

  1. Delivering and co producing person and family centred care.
  2. Creating a culture for continuous learning and safety.

These are needed if quality care is to be achieved.

Our workstreams

Safe and reliable care

Sharing the Learning from deaths in Mental Health

This workstream aims to improve the safety and reliability of healthcare and reduce harm whenever care is delivered. People who use our services should receive care in environments that are safe and conducive to optimizing their wellbeing. The focus of this work stream is sharing the learning from deaths with patients and families, and across the South of England Mental Health Trusts that make up our collaborative.

  • 100% of member organisations will share the learning around deaths in mental health

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Building Capability

The 3 ‘L’s (Learn, Live, Lead) is the Collaborative’s model for building the capability in Quality Improvement (QI) skills of its members. Using the 3 ‘L’s model allows members to assess, plan and implement their QI learning journey. The journey is split into three different levels of competence; the Learning level, the Live level and the Leading level. We have identified a number of subject areas that we believe will equip members with the QI skills needed  to implement and lead an improvement project.


  • Increase the number of members who Learn, Live or Lead QI by 30% by March 2019

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We use our workstreams

to help produce our innovations.

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Our 2 cross-cutting themes

Delivering and co-producing person and family centred care and creating a culture of collaboration are the Collaborative’s two cross cutting themes. They form the foundations for the Collaborative, they cut across both of the above workstreams and are “the way things are done in the Collaborative”.

Continuous learning

Delivering and co-producing person and family centred care

This cross cutting theme aims to put the people who use our services and their families at the heart of all we do. One of the ways in which we aim to do this is through ensuring people with lived experience have a variety of opportunities as members to participate in improving healthcare.

  • Honest disclosure and being open
  • Family and carer involvement at every stage
  • Family as care givers
  • Patients as partners in their care
  • Improving understanding of self-care
  • Co-production in quality improvement, innovation and design of services

Creating a culture for continuous learning and safety

In this cross cutting theme we define continuous learning as “a systematic way of capturing everyday concerns and acting on them, followed by a cycle of learning and improvement,” these are essential components of high performing organisations and are the components we will aim to achieve in this workstream. A continuous learning system can only be created if the organisation has the right cultural foundations that will support its functioning.

  • Communication and team work
  • Leadership and psychological safety
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Negotiation
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Continuous learning
  • Reliable processes
  • Improvement and measurement

We use our cross cutting themes
to help produce our innovations.

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