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The 3 ‘L’s of quality improvement

The 3 ‘L’s is the Collaborative’s model for building the capability in Quality Improvement (QI) skills of its members. Using the 3 ‘L’s model allows you to assess, plan and implement your QI learning journey. The journey is split into three different levels of competence; the Learning level, the Live level and the Leading level. We have identified a number of subject areas that we believe will equip you with the QI skills needed for you to implement and lead your improvement project.

The Collaborative Faculty team and peer members will support you on your 3 ‘L’s journey.  At each learning session we will tailor the session to meet the learning level of each member.  Additionally, we will provide learning opportunities and coach you as you progress.


QI: Learn, Lead, Live

Learn - Thinking & Learning Level

At the Learn level the subject may be new to you and is the introductory level where you will gain an understanding of the subject and know where it fits within the improvement process. We will also introduce you the what the Mental Health Collaborative is all about and provide opportunity for your to familiarise yourself with the LIFE QI System as our main system for reporting on QI projects, supported through our funding partners, the AHSNs.
You will learn alongside peers at our learning events from other NHS Mental Health Trusts and become part of a supportive and energetic network striving to make improvements in our work.
It is important to be aware that you could be at the Learn level in one subject, such as Measurement, but in the subject of Culture you may be at the Lead level.

Live - Doing & Completing Level

At the Live level you will be starting to apply your knowledge and will be on the road to developing your skills in practice. You may find that you feel your confidence and skills transitioning from being a novice user of the skills progress you to becoming a confident implementer. You will be using the knowledge and skills in your improvement work alongside others in the project team or independently. Over time you will feel that you are “living” the skills in your day to day improvement work.
The Collaborative will support you to register and author a project on the LIFE QI System.

Lead - Achieving & Spreading Level

At the Lead level you will be confident that you are able to lead yourself and others in the implementation of a quality improvement subject area. For example you may lead a new improvement team through the exercise of writing a driver diagram. You do not need to be a leader in your job role to be a leader of QI – anybody in the improvement team can progress through the levels of the 3 ‘L’s and become a Leader. You may also be leading other QI initiatives in your workplace.

Life QI

Life QI is a web software platform built to support and manage quality improvement work in health and social care. It makes it easy for teams to run QI projects and organisations to report on QI activity. Its everything you need to run your project in one place!

The platform enables frontline staff to easily run improvement projects, and share progress and ideas.

For more information, visit the website using the link below


Current Driver Diagram

Sharing the Learning from Deaths Driver Diagram




Driver Diagram Template

Download and use this free template to create your own driver diagram!

Driver Diagram Template

For more information, and to see how driver diagrams are used click on the link below to visit Life QI