Spreading innovation by Steal Shamlessly boxes

Leadership, Continuous learning


Members from the 16 mental health organisations in the South of England have been attending Learning session three times a year, members report that attending the learning sessions allows them to steal ideas and innovations from other organisations. I have not been able to articulate the frequency of stealing or the impact of doing this.


Learning sessions bring together members from the 16 organisations, one of the aims of the day is to facilitate multiorganisational learning under the “all teach, all Learn” approach. Each team prepares and brings their innovations that they have devleoped in their own improvemnt projects, these innovations are shared at the laerning sessions


I established that i needed to capture which ideas and innovations where being taken away from the learning sessions, i also wanted to be able to understand where the innovations where being taken to. I designed a stealing shamlesllsy card that is completed by a delegate and captuers the title of the innovation being taken away, where it is from and where it is going to. I then provided a “steal shamlessley post box” to be placed on each table so that members could post their completed steal cards. This enabled me to be able to quantify the number of deegates that took away an innovation that they intended to implement in their own organisation, it also allowed me to understand what innovations where being spread, where they originated and where they were going to.


450 cards where completed over three learning sessions. Using PDSA cycles i was able to test and refine the steal cards and the location of the steal shamlessly boxes, i am now able to contact delegates to ask how the innovation they stole impacted on their organisation