Learning Session 20

Prof Bill Lucas – Habits of an Improver –

Groupwork sessions

MHC Faculty debrief


Learning Session 19

Dr Helen Smith & Andrea Byles – Introduction


Dr Helen Smith – The NHS Patient Safety Strategy, Psychological Safety


Dr Tricia Woodhead – Innovation in Healthcare Presentation


Dr Alison Tavare – (WE AHSN) NEWS Presentation


Collaborative Work


Devon Partnership Trust


Livewell Southwest


Dorset Healthcare NHS Trust


Kent & Medway Partnership Trust


Central & North West London NHS Trust


Avon & Wiltshire NHS Trust


Somerset Partnership Trust


Cornwall Partnership Trust


2gether NHS Foundation Trust


Surrey & Borders Partnership Trust


Sussex Partnership Trust


MHC Unconference


Delegate Feedback


Best Display Board Gold Winners – Sussex Partnership Trust


Learning Session 18 Celebration Awards

MHC Members

MHC Awards Event – Celebrating Impact & Influence


Natasha Swinscoe -Chief Executive Officer, West of England AHSN


Dr Aiden Fowler – National Director of Patient Safety, NHS Improvement speaking at event


Dr Helen Smith & Joanna Pendray


2gether NHS Foundation Trust – Winners of Outstanding Contribution to QI in Mental Health Award

 Avon & Wiltshire Partnership Trust – Winners of Championing Continuous Development Through QI Award


Central & North West London – Winners of Excellence in Building QI Capability

 Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust – Winners of Excellence in QI in Suicide Prevention Award


Devon Partnership Trust – Winners of Excellence in Patient Safety Improvement Award


Dorset Healthcare NHS Trust – Winners of Excellence in Improving Quality Through Collaboration Award


Kent & Medway Partnership Trust – Winners of Excellence in Co-Design of Services Through Improvement Award


 Livewell Southwest NHS Trust – Winners of Excellence in Quality Improvement Co-Production Award


Somerset Partnership NHS Trust – Winners of Excelling in Shared Learning Through Improvement Award


Surrey & Borders NHS Trust – Winners of Championing Joy in Work Through Quality Improvement Award


Sussex Partnership NHS Trust – Winners of Championing Change Through Quality Improvement Award


Learning Session 17

Neil Laybourn & Jonny Benjamin gave an inspiring talk


Team discussions


Professor Christabel Owens
Associate Professor of Public Mental Health University of Exeter


MHC Team Poster Boards to ‘Shamelessly Steal’ ideas from


Mental Health Collaborative Teams from the South West of England


Teamwork Session