Restrictive Practice Programme by The Royal College of Psychiatrists

14 June 2019

The Reducing Restrictive Practice (RRP) collaborative is part of a wider Mental Health Safety Improvement Programme (MHSIP) which was established by NHS Improvement (NHSI) in partnership with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in response to a request made by the Secretary of State. The aim of the RRP is to reduce restrictive practice (measured by number of restraints, seclusions and rapid tranquilisations) by 33% in the wards that are selected to take part. In order to meet this aim, the programme will work to:

  • Design the programme in collaboration with experts and experts by experience
  • Provide tools and resources for selected wards to develop their own quality improvement plans
  • Support wards to carry out quality improvement through bimonthly learning days and dedicated Quality Improvement Coaches

To read more and to view available resources, please visit the website at –