Improving Quality & Patient Safety in mental health care across the South of England

Who we are

The South of England Mental Health Quality and Patient Safety Improvement Collaborative (known as the MHC) is funded and supported by the West of England; South West,; Kent, Surrey and Sussex; Oxford and Wessex Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs). In partnership with the funding AHSNs, the Collaborative is led and delivered by a faculty of committed professionals. Sixteen NHS Mental Health Trusts across the South of England make up the membership of the Collaborative. The MHC was established by the West of England and South West AHSNs, and is hosted by the West of England.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the South of England MHC is to make care safer by improving quality in mental healthcare. The MHC is aligned to the national priorities of the Mental Health Safety Improvement Programme (known as MHSIP) and aims to improve the quality and safety of services for people with mental health conditions.


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Latest News

A Big Thank You!

We would like to say a big thank you to all those who attended Learning Session 21 and to all of those who supported us in delivering yet another superb Learning Session!

Our workstreams and cross cutting themes

The South of England Mental Health Quality and Patient Safety Improvement Collaborative is currently focused, for 2018-2019, on sharing the learning from deaths in mental health. This may include medication, physical health, safe & reliable care and leadership. These four workstreams focus on identification, development, sustainability and spread of innovation in each topic. In addition, the Collaborative has two cross cutting themes, delivering and co producing person and family centred care and creating a culture for continuous learning and safety. These two themes are essential if quality care is to be achieved. They form the foundations for the Collaborative, they cut across all four of the above workstreams and form the basis of sharing the learning widely across our network.

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Our Learning Sessions

Three times a year the Collaborative holds a two day learning session where teams of ten, from each of the member organisations, can attend. By attending the two day learning session, members have the opportunity to acquire knowledge, receive coaching and develop practical skills in: the model for improvement, quality improvement tools, measurement, implementing improvements and culture & leadership. The best benefit by attending, is as our members tell us, having the opportunity to network with peers and share learning multi organisationally. Stealing “shamelessly” is encouraged!

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The success of our Learning Sessions so far –

  • 17 Learning Sessions across 6 years
  • 720 learning Places are offered every year to member NHS organisations
  • 19 faculty Members
  • from 11 different Mental Health Trusts across the South West of England
  • 30% increase in the number of ‘Q’ members within the collaborative
  • 100% of member organisations are using LIFE QI to run QI projects in mental health
  • 98% of members agree that attending a learning session has increased their QI skills
  • 86% of members agree that attending a learning session has improved their QI knowledge
  • 62.6K retweet reach on Twitter!
  • 45% increase in people with lived experience being actively involvedĀ  in our collaborative
  • 3 Learning Levels of QI
  • 2 Academic Health Science Network funding partners
  • 1 Unique NHS

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